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Zammy presents: Strength and Honor Video @OneDropDesign @ZammyIckler

YoYoExpert August 7, 2012 0

Zammy presents: Strength and Honor.

Due to my lack of presence at worlds, I wanted to make a video debuting yet even more new 1a material I have worked on since the last one I made in June. I tend to create and move on to new material very fast and thus wanted to share. So I hope you all enjoy it. Long and short combos, suicides, binds, slacks, technical stuff, Its all in this too.

This video is different from the rest due to its personal meaning. 2012 has been incredibly hard on me with a lot of changes. Loss of job, trying to move on and keep surviving on the money I have. Friends leaving. Family members sadly passing away. This video represents my will to keep striving. It has a more artistic feel then usual.

Also note: The throw I am using a Code 1.5- a hybrid idea of two different yoyos with two different side effects to have perfect balance.

My gift to you. Godbless. Thank you.


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