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Zammy – New 1A Video – More Like Me 2 @ZammyIckler

YoYoExpert September 10, 2012 0

Check out this great new video from ‘Zammy’ of Team OneDrop. As always some really excellent tricks worth watching more then once!

He also uses OneDrop’s new Cascade and really puts it through its paces!


Message from Zammy:

New 1a short video. Zammy. August 2012. Onedrop. Cascade. Toxic Strings BG1s.

This particular video is focusing on my tricks that have not made it into the past few 1a videos I have done this year and thus finally wanted to get to this.

After my last video, I was having quite a few personal problems and took a mini break away from the community. Turns out I can’t stay away too long from yoyoing and thus came back and went at it hard to finish up loose ends thus got around to this.

This is a sequel video due to the song choice. Its a remix of a Linkinpark song but much faster and a harder beat versus the last “More Like Me” video. Overall this turned out all good. Check it out!


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