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YoYoExpert April 4, 2009 Comments Off on Reviews the YoYoFactory DNA
Yo-Yo Skills DNA Review

Yo-Yo Skills DNA Review

I am a big guy. 6’3 225lb. I have longer arms then I probably should, and my hands are big enough that I could probably palm a beached whale. While I love undersized yo-yo’s like the M1, Project, 888, Skyline, and Business, I really feel liberated by larger “full sized” yo-yo’s like the GM2, 401, California, Legacy, and Peak. When the California and GM2 were retired last year, I died a little bit inside. I loved the California and the GM2. When YoYoFactory announced they were going to release a full sized version of the 888, my heart skipped a beat. I am not the only one. On the various forums, there were cries of relief and excitement from a large spectrum of users with ranges or yo-yo preferences. Leaked pictures of the full sized 888 code named the DNA were responded to with applause and praise. Then the strangest thing happened. The DNA was released, and all you could hear were crickets. Was the yo-yo overlooked in the recent flood of Peak Releases? Where was the pomp and fanfare that should have accompanied this release? Why is the DNA being ignored? Well no more, I tell you. No more. With the DNA in hand I am happy to review this genetically engineered masterpiece for you. I present, the DNA by YoYoFactory.

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