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YoYoSkills Review | The YoYoJam Pinnacle

YoYoExpert January 21, 2012 0

Pinnacle YoYoJam YoYoSkills

YoYoSkills just did a review on the Pinnacle as a 5A yo-yo and they make some great observations.
Check it out:

Review | The YoYoJam Pinnacle:

I loved the YoYoJam Kickside. It had a classic shape that really complemented a casual players throw style. One of my favorite things about the Kickside was how durable it was. That yo-yo could take a beating. I always thought that the high impact celcon body made the Kickside great for 5a, especially for a […]

(Via YoYoSkills)

Pinnacle is available here!

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