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Yoyorecreation Release! DRAUPNIR, Sputnik, & New Holder!

YoYoExpert September 30, 2016 0


Often praised as one of the best throws on the market, this is one yo-yo that really doesn’t need any introduction. The Yoyorecreation DRAUPNIR!

yoyorecreation draupnir yoyorecreation draupnir

The Draupnir is a precision machined b-metal design with a 7075 aluminum body and Stainless Steel Rims. With the rims composed of a denser metal Yoyorecreation is able to maximize rim weight without adding bulky rims. This gives the yo-yo unbelievable spin time and stability while still maintaining a low overall weight which greatly improves speed and maneuverability. Fitted with IrPad Response and an NSK DS Bearing, the Draupnir is competition ready right out of the box!

yoyorecreation draupnir


yoyorecreation sputnik

The Sputnik is a fantastic design. Weighing in at just under 64 grams and slightly undersized, it has the look and the feel in play of a smaller version of the Laser. And in case you are wondering, that’s a good thing! The Sputnik is fast, maneuverable, and thanks to it’s bi-metal design it is ridiculously stable and long spinning! Yeah, you heard right, bi-metal!

yoyorecreation sputnik yoyorecreation sputnik

With the stainless steel rings fitted on the inner rim of this beautiful little yo-yo, the Sputnik completely shatters everything you’ve ever know about undersized yo-yos. The added stability and spin time from the bi-metal weight distribution paired with the speed and maneuverability of an undersized light-weight throw gives this yo-yo such an amazing and unique play style.

yoyorecreation sputnik



yoyorecreation plastic yoyo holder yoyorecreation plastic yoyo holder

This cool futuristic looking yo-yo holder was produced by Yoyorecreation team member Hiro Irifune. Using all plastic materials, this transparent design offers a simple and clean look that showcases your yo-yo, not the holder.

With an easily adjustable securing belt, the Plastic Yo-Yo Holder can carry yo-yos with a wide range of diameter and shape. *Yo-yo not included.

yoyorecreation plastic yoyo holder



yoyorecreation ds bearing

The DS (Double Straight) Bearing is a double angled bearing designed to center the string. It was created to perform at a competition level and that is exactly what it does!

The DS Bearing has a more gradual angle than some other centering bearings out there so it gently centers the string during play instead of just forcing it which provides a much smoother feel on the string.

With yo-yo design evolving so rapidly and yo-yo contests getting more and more competitive you can’t trust any random bearing in your high performance yo-yo – You need an equally high performing bearing.

yoyorecreation ds bearing

Also now available in Gold and Platinum versions manufactured by NSK Micro! Gold is actually an 18K plated version of the bearing for amazing initial spin times. Platinum is a special chemical coating that can really improve the overall life span of the bearing!


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