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Yoyorecreation New Release! Sputnik, FG Dazzler, Diffusion, and NSK DS Bearings!

YoYoExpert May 22, 2015 0

We just got a huge restock of some fantastic Yoyorecreatoin yo-yos! The brand New SPUTNIK along with Special edition Dazzlers, Diffusions, and New NSK DS Bearings!


yoyorecreation sputnik

Yoyorecreation is among the best of the high end yo-yo manufacturers in the world. They continuously impress us with their new designs, and the latest design we got our hands on is out of this world! This is the Sputnik!

yoyorecreation sputnik yoyorecreation sputnik yoyorecreation sputnik

The Sputnik is a fantastic design. Weighing in at just under 64 grams and slightly undersized, it has the look and the feel in play of a smaller version of the Laser. And in case you are wondering, that’s a good thing! The Sputnik is fast, maneuverable, and thanks to it’s bi-metal design it is ridiculously stable and long spinning! Yeah, you heard right, bi-metal!

yoyorecreation sputnik

With the stainless steel rings fitted on the inner rim of this beautiful little yo-yo, the Sputnik completely shatters everything you’ve ever know about undersized yo-yos. The added stability and spin time from the bi-metal weight distribution paired with the speed and maneuverability of an undersized light-weight throw gives this yo-yo such an amazing and unique play style.

With so much power in such a light frame, the performance of the Sputnik will not disappoint!



yoyorecreation dazzler

From Yoyorecreation:
Through the use of cutting edge coating technology, our high-end titanium alloy yo-yo – the Dazzler – has received a huge up-grade. The coating is made by bombarding the titanium surface of the yo-yo with carbon and oxygen simultaneously, creating a carbon-doped titanium dioxide film around it.

This coating goes by the trade-name “Fresh Green”, and gives the yo-yo a beautiful gradiented, slightly translucent black luster.
Fresh Green was originally developed for protecting titanium parts inside nuclear reactors, and boasts the ability to increase the hardness of titanium super-alloys by 5 times and is even super-resistant to chemical corrosion. This makes it the dream coating material for any application.

yoyorecreation dazzler yoyorecreation dazzler



yoyorecreation diffusion

yoyorecreation diffusion yoyorecreation diffusion

From Yoyorecreation:
This is a brand new collaboration between up-and-coming dance music record label CLOCK HAZARD, and Yoyorecreation with the release of a special edition Diffusion!

CLOCK HAZARD are a progressive techno and house label, and recently received international recognition when they were featured on electronic-music blog Thump.

Freestyling to dance music is getting very popular in Japan as of late, and so we saw that there was a special connection between the two. This led us to start up the collaboration with CLOCK HAZARD, and to accompany the limited edition Diffusion yo-yo each customer will receive a code to download 25 newly released tracks from the CLOCK HAZARD label. You can check out the tracks below!

The track lengths are all around the 1 minute mark, and so are perfect for using in freestyles right away.

Yo-yoing and music are two inherently connected things in the life of a player.
The CLOCK HAZARD and Diffusion collaboration, is representative of the deep relationship between the two.



yoyorecreation ds bearings

Gold Plated & Platinum Plated
yoyorecreation ds bearings yoyorecreation ds bearings


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