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YoYoJam x YoYoExpert SURGE Video Contest Results

Surge Video Ad

YoYoJam is confident the Surge is the best plastic yo-yo you will find. What better way to prove this then a video contest!

The rules were simple – use YoYoJam Surge only, no longer then 90 seconds, 1A only.

And the results are in! Special thanks to YoYoJam for helping sponsor this amazing contest with us here at YoYoExpert!

And to our AMAZING Team YoYoJam Celebrity Judges!
Biser, Grant Johnson, and Ben Conde!

Just to remind you about the awesome prizes…


1st Place – $300 CASH
2nd Place – NEXT LEVEL Yo-Yo – Acid Wash
3rd Place – Inspire Yo-Yo

Most Views on YouTube – $100 Gift Certificate to YoYoExpert.

Thank you to all the WONDERFUL entries!
Watch them all here.

In FIRST PLACE is Ty Goldman!

“Loved your entry and great song choice! I was listening to this song earlier the day I saw your video. Keep it up!” – Biser

“Ah you’re style is incredibly smooth, and those bop tricks are sick. Nicely done, you make yo-yoing, and the Surge, look very good!” – Ben Conde

“You have an energetic style with a ton of unique twists on common tricks. Very fun to watch and an overall, extremely well put together video!” – Grant Johnson

In SECOND PLACE is James Reed!

“I love the simplicity of the video and that it’s made like a practice video” – Biser

“Always a fan of your style, you’re tricks are original and I love seeing your new stuff. Keep it up!” – Ben Conde

“You’re style is incredible. You clearly think outside of the box and I love the interesting movements that you add to your combos. Beautiful!” – Grant Johnson

In THIRD PLACE is Will Hahn!

“I really liked the places where you filmed, and the time-lapse in the beginning was a really nice touch, congrats!” – Biser

“You’ve got some really cool concepts going, nice job!” – Ben Conde

“The video has great flow. You have unique concepts and incredible potential. Also, thank you for showcasing a new front style trick, those are hard to come by these days!” – Grant Johnson

And Most Views Goes To TRINITY YO-YO CLUB

Trinity Yo-Yo Club

See the full results here:

Name (First) Name (Last) YouTube URL to Video: FINAL SCORE Ranking
Ty Goldman 87 1st
James Reed 84 2nd
Will Hahn 80 3rd
Kennan LeJeune 79 4th (TIE)
Vivo Tasis 79 4th (TIE)
Cameron Henderson 77 6th
Owen Ekblad 76 7th
Datamion Knox 72 8th
Trinity Yoyo Club 68 9th
Zach Gustafson 68 10th
Philip White 60 11th
Andrew Garas 57 12th (TIE)
Alek Korman 57 12th (TIE)
Erik Kerber 56 14th (TIE)
Alex Lee 56 14th (TIE)
Stuart White 56 14th (TIE)
Mike Durdak 55 17th (TIE)
Wilson Ni 55 17th (TIE)
Alann Throw Herrera 54 19th
Tucker Holland 53 20th
Nathaniel Leonard 52 21st
Jeremiah Drabik 49 22nd (TIE)
Braden Metz 49 22nd (TIE)
Nick Galvan 48 24th (TIE)
Gordon White 48 24th (TIE)
Matthew Donovan 45 26th
Tucker Jensen 42 27th
michael valdez 37 28th
frankie escamilla 24 29th - A Division of Ultimate Vision LLC. All Rights Reserved
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