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YoYoExpert June 11, 2013 2

YoYoJam SURGE YoYoExpert

YoYoJam is getting ready to drop a yo-yo that is beyond exciting.

June 13th here at YoYoExpert we are excited to present the SURGE:

For years we have asked the question.  Can the affordable all plastic yo-yo play like an all metal yo-yo?  Can you get that solid feel and momentum from a yo-yo at less then half the price?  Taking what was learned from the leading beginner’s choice, the ‘Classic’, YoYoJam accomplishes the impossible.  Feel the power in the SURGE.
Surge has everything you would come to expect in a high end advanced yo-yo.  It features YoYoJam’s signature Solid Spin Axle system, silicone response, and a smooth spinning Speed Bearing (10 Balls).  Off your first throw you can FEEL the power of it’s spin surging on and off the string.
With Surge designing a solid feel was not only the goal but the true challenge.  A two piece plastic composite body accomplishes this in ways no other yo-yo can, giving you supreme rim weighting and that solid feel you just will not find in any other plastic yo-yo.   It is the plastic yo-yo for the modern yo-yo player built competition ready out of the box.
Plastic yo-yos are not just toys anymore.  Put the power of the competition-ready SURGE to work for you.

See the official video here:

Official CountDown coming Wednesday!



  1. Crannoc June 12, 2013 at 9:24 am -


  2. Khailee Dean July 16, 2013 at 7:16 pm -

    can I get the name of that song I know its seven lions days to come but what mix

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