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YoYoFactory Presents 5A MAY

YoYoExpert April 29, 2010 Comments Off on YoYoFactory Presents 5A MAY

Turns out YoYoFactory has some BIG PLANS for May and the style of 5A play.  Time to grab your counter weight and read on!

The 5th Month is May, its also 5A month at YoYoFactory!

From YoYoFactory BLOG:

Coming this month we have everything a 5A player could possibly want and if you dont play 5A we hope to inspire you enough to go tie some random object onto the end of you string and give it a try!

1. Daily 5A videos. Yup EVERY WEEK DAY in MAY we will have a 5A instructional video coming from Miggy and Tyler

2. 5 Player signature edition yo-yos

We pay tribute to the 5 biggest names in 5A in the USA with 5 Signature edition Yo-Yo releases


3. 5A Battle in the west. BAC will be the showdown you have been waiting for. Sterling will be down, Miggy and Tyler showing up and JonRob is on his way from the east coast in a face off of the best 5A skills in the USA. There will be only 1 winner and they will cop $500 from YoYoFactory.

It all starts Monday May 3 with the 1st video and the 1st signature Yo-Yo revealed!

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