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YoYoFactory Nine Dragons Restock in New Colors!

YoYoExpert August 26, 2016 0

yoyofactory nine dragons

The NINE Dragons is a collaboration yoyo between YoYoFactory and Kuyos Design / YoYoFormula, and once you throw it you’ll never think about modern yo-yoing the same. This yo-yo features a free spinning body, made possible through an innovative triple bearing design, that allows you to literally hold the yo-yo body while it’s spinning.

yoyofactory nine dragonsyoyofactory nine dragons
yoyofactory nine dragonsyoyofactory nine dragonsyoyofactory nine dragons

The free spinning machined POM body opens up an entire new world of grabs, grinds, and probably someone style of tricks we don’t even know about yet. Looking past the free spinning body, the NINE Dragons is an excellent playing yo-yo in itself. It has a powerful spin, excellent stability, and a finger spin friendly cup.

The creative potential of the NINE Dragons is endless and we have been having a blast thinking up new tricks to try out. We can’t wait to see all the new concepts and trick developments once more yo-yo players get this cool new design in their hands!

yoyofactory nine dragons


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