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YoYoFactory New Genesis, ProtoStar, 1080, Bearing-Sticker Pack, SuperStart T-Shirt

YoYoExpert August 9, 2013 0

The World Yo-Yo Contest is going on and in case you missed it YoYoFactory is providing full coverage and you can keep track here!

YoYoFactory Special Releases

And LOTS of exciting new product is getting dropped every day of the contest! What has dropped so far?! Let’s recap!

Special YoYoFactory Fall Preview: A perfect yoyo is a different thing to different people. Your preferred specifications may differ to my preferred specifications.

This is the NEW GENESIS – Special Edition especially for Luis Enrique!

YoYoFactory New Genesis Luis Enrique


New YoYoFactory ProtoStar Colors

New Loop 1080 colors to honor World Champ Shu Takada!

Shu-Taka Loop 1080

Get a CenterTrac-X Bearing AND Two Killer YoYoFactory Stickers for JUST $5.00 (with purchase of any YoYoFactory yo-yo)!

YoYoFactory Bearing Sticker Pack

Get a NEW SuperStar T-Shirt for just $9.99 when purchasing and YoYoFactory yo-yo!

New Superstar T-Shirt

A lot more releases to come! Keep an eye here!

YoYoFactory Worlds Updates

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