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YOYO.Y MEDUSA! Rechargeable Light-Up Yo-Yo!

YoYoExpert January 7, 2016 0

yoyo.y medusa

YOYO.Y is the company responsible for making the brightest light-up yo-yo we have ever seen – The Uranus. And now they have released a second light-up model that improves upon the original design – The Medusa!

yoyo.y medusa yoyo.y medusa

The Medusa has the same crazy bright 6 LED push-button rechargeable light kit that came installed in the Uranus, but with a new and improved shape! YOYO.Y left the profile on the Medusa nice and wide to give that extra stability and to balance out the weight of the light kits in play. It has an excellent spin time, a lighter feel in play, and thanks to the more angular profile it has some amazing acceleration!

Three Light Modes!

yoyo.y medusa yoyo.y medusa yoyo.y medusa

The Medusa is available in a translucent clear body that lets the lights shine through extra bright with a smooth grind friendly finish. Pick up the Medusa, hit the lights, and let your freestyle shine!

yoyo.y medusa


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