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XCube YoYos TEH YO and YoYoExpert Edition AWARE!!!

YoYoExpert November 9, 2012 0

TEH YO YoYoExpert

XCubed brings you this beautiful example of modern and old school design – TEH YO. TEH YO also has incredible features that set it apart from the competition. The cut in lip on the sides provide a smooth thumb grind spot and the amazingly sharp points allow the thrower to grab ahold of the yo-yo creating a gyroscopic and top like feel.

The TEH YO comes in four insane and memorizing color ways. These color ways produce retro like patterns spinning and are sure to catch the eye off guard!


YoYoExpert AWARE

AWARE is designed to be both beautiful and drastic in design elements. This is a throw for the player who wants something unique and jaw dropping that still spins as smooth as the rest. By far one of the most extreme shapes we have ever seen on a yo-yo design.

And NOW… Available in this one of a kind YoYoExpert edition! LOOK at this thing SPINNING!!!! STUNNING.



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