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Whimsy Yo-Yos Presents THE LESSUR!

YoYoExpert October 15, 2014 0

The new Whimsy LESSUR is a very fun yo-yo design based on the classic RUSSEL yo-yo from the 80’s. See what they did there? RUSSEL ~ LESSUR?

whimsy lessur

Whimsy created the Lessur as a tribute. This is their way of bringing one of their favorite yo-yos back to life in a new and innovative way and we couldn’t be happier with it!

They machined the Lessur out of aluminum to give it a really nice weight and greatly improved spin time compared to the original Russel. It has a really laid back feel and is just an amazingly fun yo-yo to throw around. And just look at it – with the polished aluminum body and simple cap design this yo-yo has a classic look and will make a great showpiece in any collection!

whimsy lessurwhimsy lessur

The Whimsy Lessur just reminds you that yo-yoing is supposed to be fun. Take a break from crazy combos or intense speedy competitive play and throw for fun with the new Whimsy Lessur!


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