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What’s New With YoYoExpert?

YoYoExpert February 22, 2009 Comments Off on What’s New With YoYoExpert?

As most people will know, YoYoExpert is a fast growing site. Since it is becoming more and more popular, we have to keep supplying more features and items. Below is a list of what is new here at YoYoExpert., Make the Simple Amazing

Brands: YoYoExpert now has three amazing yo-yoing brands in its store: YoYoJam, YoYoFactory, and our newest edition, Duncan. Our accessories have also grown with lubes, string, bearings, and much, much more.

Chat Room: YoYoExpert now has a brand new and improved chat room. Be sure to check it out along with all of its great features!

Forums: The forums here at YoYoExpert have been growing like crazy. In February, we have had so far 87 new members, 2564 new posts, and 273 new topics. This month has been YoYoExpert’s best ever.

eXperts: eXperts are the newest edition to YoYoExpert. What is an eXpert? eXperts are ordinary people with great honor. They have been chosen for their love and devotion to the site by helping others and improving the site. By earning this award twice, the member will become a moderator on the forums. For full details, visit:

More great new features are sure to come within the next couple of months!

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