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UPDATE W/ RESULTS: 2010 CA State Yo-Yo Contest

YoYoExpert March 7, 2010 Comments Off on UPDATE W/ RESULTS: 2010 CA State Yo-Yo Contest

UPDATE (3/13/2010):
All videos now available at Sector Y:

A few videos starting to show up here:

Jensen’s 1A 1st Place Freestyle: (Using a ProtoStar!)

Patrick Mitchell’s 2A 1st Place Freestyle:

Paul Han’s 1A 2nd Place Freestyle:

Results are in courtesy of Chris Allen at YoYoSkills:

Your two GRAND PRIZE champions each taking home $1000 are…

Jensen Kimmitt and Patrick Mitchell.

And somewhat surprising news for the 1A champion – according to @YoYoFactory:

#calstateyoyo yyf 1,2,3 in 1a. 1 and 3 in x

This is Patrick Mitchell’s 7TH CA State Champion Victory!  Jensen of course destroyed competition after just recently taking the Pacific Northwest Regional two weeks ago – a true force to be reckoned with in any competition.

Full results are below.  Special thanks to Chris Allen of YoYoSkills again for running what sounds like an amazing event and giving $2000 away in CASH.  One of the largest ‘winnings’ available at a yo-yo contest in a very long time!


Open Division :

1 – Patrick Mitchell (2a) (Champion and California State Champion Title)
2 – Bryan Figueroa (4a)
3 – Miguel Correa (5a)
4 – Tyler Severance (5a)
5 – Joseph Harris (2a)
6 – Paul Yath (3a)
7 – Augie Fash (5a)
8 – Zac Rubino (4a)
9 – Juan Renteria (5a)
10 – Yusuke Moriki (2a)
11 – Anthony Rojas (5a)
12 – Joey Vitalari (2a)
13 – Tyler Hsiesh (4a)
14 – Dylan Benharris (5a)
15 – Tom Wu (4a)

1a Division:

1 – Jensen Kimmitt (Winner Championship Contest – Winner of Championship Grand Prize)
2 – Paul Han (California Resident – California State Division Champion)
3 – Augie Fash
4 – Gentry Stein
5 – Anthony Rojas
6 – Joeseph Harris
7 – Yusuke Moriki
8 – Paul Yath
9 – John Chow
10 – Evan Nagao
11 – Miguel Correa
12 – Vincent Dezutti
13 – Alex Kim (Eli Cash)
14 – Guy Wright
15 – Ian Baily

Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen
Event Organizer


The 2010 California State Yo-Yo Contest takes place TODAY and is offering the largest cash prize for a yo-yo contest in a LONG TIME! Each division winner (1A and Open) will take home $1000 CASH sponsored by Pocket Pros [Razor USA], a company known for the original Razor kick scooter.

We will update this post later today with the winners of the event!  Many ‘pros’ will be there battling it out for the chance to win the $1000!

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