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The FLEA from YYF

YoYoExpert November 15, 2008 Comments Off on The FLEA from YYF

YoYoFactory is always bringing something new to the table – and while the Super Star was BIG the Flea is SMALL.  Literally as small as they come – this yo-yo is TINY:

YoYoFactory Flea

YoYoFactory Flea

The yo-yo itself is made from brass but their plan is to nickel plate it.  Just for size here it is compared to the Super Star:

Flea against Super Star

Flea against Super Star

Doc Pop posted some pics on his photo blog to give you an idea of how it looks in the hand – you really can’t get it much tinier than that!

Flea from Doc Pop - Czech Nats

Flea from Doc Pop – Czech Nats

Quoting Doc Pop:
“To give you an idea of the yo-yo’s size, the break pads are actually made from the leftover inner stickers from other YYF pieces.”

Flea Czech Nats - Doc Pop

Flea Czech Nats – Doc Pop

Finally – a yo-yo that can literally disappear in your pocket!  Preliminary RUMOR of price has it listed around $60 or less…

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