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The EH is BACK for 2013 | @SPYYCanada @playtmbr

YoYoExpert April 26, 2013 0

SPYY EH 2013

In 2012, SPYY team member Ed Haponik took a one year oath to play only a single fixed axle, wooden yo-yo. He completed this goal as of 12/31/12. His efforts were documented on and in several of his clip videos, and have helped to inspire a resurgence in fixed axle play.

This yo-yo he has used is once again available in a very limited run. Made of a denser grade of red oak than the last release, this version adds a few grams of mass and sharper engravings. It’s creation was a joint effort between two master craftsmen of the yoyo world: Colin Leland of TMBR and Steve Buffel of SPYY.

These yo-yos have been hand tested by Ed and all come strung with hand made string by Ed himself. A truly one of a kind and very special yo-yo.



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