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The Cut from HSpin!

YoYoExpert November 15, 2008 Comments Off on The Cut from HSpin!

HSpin has announced their new yo-yo “The Cut” and this thing looks beautiful!

The Cut from HSpin

The Cut from HSpin

In the words of Chris from HSpin:

THE CUT is the yoyo that we are most proud of so far! Three
generations of prototypes have lead to this high performing aluminum
yoyo for both intermediate as well as competing players!

This is the single state of the art yoyo that we recommend for
Single-A players to take on desert islands – only to realize months
later when rescued that it is still the one yoyo they would to choose
for competitions.

Feedback from beta testers from the US, Poland, UK, Germany, Czech
Republic and Japan have influenced the technical specifications of THE
CUT – making it a sound reliable performer.

Several competitors in the HSPIN NETWORK have already chosen THE CUT
as their main player (Samm Scott, Gaberus, Magl33to, Shinya Azuma,
Noel, etc). Shinya Azuma won the 4th place in the highly competitive Asia Pacific Yoyo Contest with THE CUT.

THE CUT will be shipped in the end of November 2008, in time for
Xmas. you will be able to reserve your yoyo with your preferred serial
number only on Please give us 2-3 options for serial numbers
between 1 and 299 in the below free text field. we should be able to
satisfy 98% of those chosen serial numbers.

We hope you will enjoy. Thank you for your support during 2008.

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