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UNPRLD Corruption & Abduction! 1/5 @ 8PM EST!

UNPRLD Corruption & Abduction! 1/5 @ 8PM EST!

YoYoExpert January 4, 2019 0

CORRUPTION: The main objective for Unparalleled has always been to provide the best throws for their players. With previous yo-yos like the Flash and Ignition they have succeeded, but the higher price point made

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New UNPRLD Abduction Restock!

New UNPRLD Abduction Restock!

YoYoExpert December 26, 2017 0

The Abduction is designed to tackle tricks that require high precision and focus, everything Elliot wanted in a signature model. He loved the shape of the Ignition, but wanted a yo-yo that had less

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