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YoYoFactory Presents ROCKstar and DNA!

YoYoFactory Presents ROCKstar and DNA!

YoYoExpert April 28, 2011 Comments Off on YoYoFactory Presents ROCKstar and DNA!

YoYoFactory is already setting the stage for the 2011 competition season in a BIG WAY! Three amazing new releases with more coming soon and lots of great colors and special editions. The 2012 model

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YoYoExpert April 4, 2009 Comments Off on Reviews the YoYoFactory DNA

I am a big guy. 6’3 225lb. I have longer arms then I probably should, and my hands are big enough that I could probably palm a beached whale. While I love undersized yo-yo’s

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DNA – Information Surfaces

YoYoExpert March 7, 2009 Comments Off on DNA – Information Surfaces

New information surfaces on the DNA by YoYoFactory – a larger version of the ever popular 888 yo-yo. FROM YOYOSTRING.COM YoYoFactory® has risen to prominence as a brand capable of supplying amazing product to

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Yo-Yo Factory DNA: First Look

YoYoExpert February 20, 2009 Comments Off on Yo-Yo Factory DNA: First Look

The newest from YoYoFactory, soon to be released, is the DNA. This yo-yo has dimensions close to the SuperStar, but its weight it reduced. -Mitchell Purdy

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