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Supermodels vs. Yoyoplayers

YoYoExpert March 13, 2010 Comments Off on Supermodels vs. Yoyoplayers

In a somewhat humorous look at the world of yo-yoing Chris K from the HSpin Network presents: Supermodels vs. Yoyoplayers

Supermodels vs. Yoyoplayers from Chris K on Vimeo.

Message from Chris K:

Aren’t yoyos associated with toys, children and “playing”?

Fact: The most influencial yoyo fanatics out there are between 17 and 37 years old. See what some of them say about themselves and their hobby.
In contrast, listen to two complete-opposite “cool” outsiders talking about the same hobby: Rachael Williams and Monique Forde, two professional models from London, UK.

Major THANK YOU for helping to make this happen:
Anamorphic – Filming and World Class Editing
Mark McBride, Dazzling Dave, Ed Haponik, Ondrej Sedivy for interviews.
Rachael Williams ( and Monique Forde for stunning appearances and interviews.

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