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String Lab Restock & New Ed Haponik ENSO Type-X String!

YoYoExpert March 8, 2016 0


10 & 50 Pack Restock!
This medium thickness string keeps its color and tension longer than any other string on the market. This string plays at super fast speeds, but still gives the control over harder tricks that slower string provides. Each string is made with amazing accuracy meaning that you won’t have to worry about different batches of strings being slightly different from each other. It also lasts much longer then the average yo-yo string.

yoyo string lab type x

New Ed Haponik Signature Color in Type-X! ENSO!

From Ed:
“I’ve always loved that yin-yang string look. I used to have 1000 of the old black and white type 9 cotton and I’ve always missed it. I think I like the duality aspect of it. Yin and yang have so much to do with yo-yoing. Throw and catch, tension and slack, speed and flow, competition and just-for-fun. I think playing yoyo is mostly about negotiating apparently opposing forces and finding the middle path between them. So I think that’s why I like the aesthetic of the string. But beyond that, I just think Matt’s Type X is the best playing stuff out there for my style when it comes to bearings, which I think I probably DO work on more than people would assume.”
yoyo string lab type x yoyo string lab type x



10 & 50 Pack Restock!
Eric Koloski’s Signature Venom is a new string keeps its tension longer and still has an exceptionally smooth and quick feel for a wide variety of tricks. Venom is tuned for competition. It’s a medium thickness string optimized for whips and slack play without the extra thickness of Ammo.

yoyo string lab venom


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