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SPYY is Back with a New Titanium Yo-Yo!

YoYoExpert December 17, 2015 0


spyy tyy-01

SPYY is back and they’re back n a big way! This latest titanium boom has been huge for yo-yo manufacturers and players alike. There has never been a selection like this before and now we have SPYY opening up shop once again to create a new titanium masterpiece – The SPYY TYY-01!

spyy tyy-01 spyy tyy-01

Why Titanium? Why Now? Quit asking questions and just be glad SPYY started making yo-yos again! The SPYY TYY-01 is something SPYY owner Steve Buffel has been dreaming about making for a while and just hearing what he has to say about this yo-yo is exciting!

From Steve:
The development of this design became the ultimate SPYY hybrid of sorts. I looked at my favorites and infused elements of each into this super fun and high performing yoyo. Titanium is a seductive, yet sinister alloy! The temptation is to exploit every bit of strength and thin down the walls to a mere fraction of that of an aluminum yoyo, pushing all the weight to the rim. After countless CAD studies and trials I came to the conclusion that one could make a yoyo spin forever, but at what cost? I tweaked and tweaked the geometry over and over to exploit the benefits of added rim weight, while not getting greedy and going overboard. A heavy hand with rim weighting can easily result in a sluggish feel with excessive kickback… that uninspiring rock on a string feeling. My hope is that I struck the ultimate balance between precision, float, spin and fun!

spyy tyy-01

SPYY came out of retirement just to make this yo-yo and this may be the last of their adventures in Titanium. So if you’re still looking to get in on the never-ending Summer of Titanium, the TYY-01 is an excellent choice!


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