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Spin Tops arrive at YoYoExpert!

YoYoExpert October 10, 2010 Comments Off on Spin Tops arrive at YoYoExpert!

YoYoExpert and YoYoFactory are proud to make available their absolutely amazing Spin Tops!

The YoYoFactory Acrobat is one of the most agile spin tops ever made!

The Throwback is super stable and super rim weighted!

If you thought people were amazed with your yo-yo tricks then wait until you throw a spin top into the air and catch it spinning in your waiting hand! The average person has no idea just what you can pull of with the new technology in spin tops and even just placing a spin top in their hand spinning is incredibly captivating!

YoYoExpert is excited to bring spin tops back into focus as there is always room for one more toy in your growing repertoire of amazing skills!

Along with YoYoFactory tops the SPINTASTICS plastic Spin Tops are also available and great for first time throwers.

For all available spin tops check out:

We also have a new forum section for spin top related questions and to share experiences and resources:,18.0.html

Coming soon will be official Spin Top Tutorial videos and more spin top manufacturers!

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