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Randomness – Yo-Yo “World Record” broken

YoYoExpert October 12, 2008 1

In what begins our “Random” Category here an individual named Niki has appeared to have broken a world record – specifically sleeping a yo-yo while doing a trick on a bike…

Niki Y. combines his yo-yo and bicycle skills en route to setting a universal record for the longest yo-yo sleeper while doing a one-foot track stand. Niki stayed balanced for 33.41 seconds.

The record took placed on August 8, 2008 at the International Yo-Yo Open in New York City. Niki used a YoYoJam Hitman yo-yo. His bike was a 53 cm Iro Mark V. Witnesses were Talia Ledner and Colin Nissan.

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  1. Rev October 13, 2008 at 1:40 am -

    That is hilarious! What other yo-yos records like this are there?!

    I would have been more impressed if he did this blind folded. - A Division of Ultimate Vision LLC. All Rights Reserved
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