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YoYoExpert June 14, 2010 Comments Off on One Drop Y-FACTOR

The One Drop Y-Factor is a huge new release for One Drop Yo-Yos!

In preparing to evolve the One Drop product line and move on to different things the One Drop guys felt they needed a new undersized competition level performer at a decent price that takes all of their experience and knowledge into consideration. They went to eliminate any X factors (unknowns) so they are focusing on what they do know (the Y factors).

The result is their new yo-yo, the Y Factor. It is a synthesis of all of their previous work, current knowledge, and player preferences. In keeping with features they know work, the Y Factor is very agile due to the new profile, features a newly designed thumb grind lip, and comes with their proven bearing and response system.

Also available (and exclusive to YoYoExpert) is the “Green Haze” edition – a very limited purple-green acid wash finish! We only received 20 of these so act fast!

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