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One Drop Code 2 Yoyo Review

YoYoExpert February 11, 2012 0

Our friend at Sniffy-Yo just posted a review of the upcoming release of the Code2 by OneDrop!

Read the full review on his site at this link.


One Drop Code 2 Yoyo Review:

Hi everybody.
Here’s my review of the One Drop Code 2 which should be released within a couple of weeks.

This is a pretty incredible throw. It’s very smooth and stable, has huge momentum and is designed with a raised area between the string zone and response which greatly increases spin time.
I’ve played the Code 2 with the dry stock bearing, oiled with V4M lube, and also with the TerrapinX DryPlay Lube, which I demo’s in the post below this one. I found the momentum of the Code 2 to handle the V4M without sacrificing spin time, and with the DryPlay the 10ball is not only smooth but also incredibly fast.

I’ll pop up the drop date and price when that info becomes available.

There will be a Sniffy branded Kitteh Code 2 released as well to benefit The House of Dreams Cat Shelter, I’ll be holding a contest on twitter to give one away, likely around a month from now.

You can check out the post about the Kitteh Code 2 here

(Via Sniffy-Yo Yoyo Video Reviews)


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