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New Yoyorecreation! Draupnir, POM Diffusion & More!

YoYoExpert April 12, 2016 0


yoyorecreation draupnir

Often praised as one of the best throws on the market, this is one yo-yo that really doesn’t need any introduction. The Yoyorecreation DRAUPNIR!

yoyorecreation draupnir yoyorecreation draupnir

The Draupnir is a precision machined b-metal design with a 7075 aluminum body and Stainless Steel Rims. With the rims composed of a denser metal Yoyorecreation is able to maximize rim weight without adding bulky rims. This gives the yo-yo unbelievable spin time and stability while still maintaining a low overall weight which greatly improves speed and maneuverability. Fitted with IrPad Response and an NSK DS Bearing, the Draupnir is competition ready right out of the box!

yoyorecreation draupnir



yoyorecreation pom diffusion

The Diffusion was renowned for changing the plastic yo-yo market with it’s revolutionary axle configuration and performance, but in an effort to push the performance even further Yoyorecreation experimented by creating a few POM prototypes. These POM prototypes were such a huge hit with their team that Yoyorecreation decided they had to make a limited production run for everyone to experience! This is the POM Diffusion!

yoyorecreation pom diffusion yoyorecreation pom diffusion

Yoyorecreation really took the Diffusion to the next level with their latest model. The higher density of POM material compared to the polycarbonate of the original Diffusion gives the POM Diffusion a much more solid feel on the string, along with a much more powerful spin! The POM Diffusion has a smooth blasted finish, which compliments the already smooth texture of the POM material and gives this new Diffusion an absolutely amazing grind finish.

yoyorecreation pom diffusion

These POM Diffusions are available in limited quantities and were left unengraved for a really clean look and an excellent finger grinding cup. They are fitted with Yoyorecreation’s signature DS Bearing and 19mm pads for pure performance and easy maintenance.



yoyorecreation gargantua yoyorecreation gargantua yoyorecreation gargantua

Yoyorecreation didn’t hold anything back with the Gargantua. Using the Diffusion as a base model for the design, they scaled this new yo-yo to the maximum limit of what they felt was acceptable for a modern 1A yo-yo. It’s big, but in a good way!

The Gargantua offers similar play qualities as its smaller counterpart, but the larger size provides an enormously powerful spin and stability that is really only attainable with a larger diameter yo-yo. The size may sound intimidating, but once you see feel the power behind this yo-yo you’ll wish every throw in your collection was this size!



yoyorecreation ds bearing yoyorecreation ds bearing yoyorecreation ds bearing

The DS (Double Straight) Bearing is a double angled bearing designed to center the string. It was created to perform at a competition level and that is exactly what it does!

The DS Bearing has a more gradual angle than some other centering bearings out there so it gently centers the string during play instead of just forcing it which provides a much smoother feel on the string.



rebellion qilin

The Qilin is one of the more competition oriented yo-yos in the Rebellion lineup, and if you think it has a familiar design, your right! It was modeled after the crowd favorite Yoyorecreation Sleipnir which many yo-yo players consider the quintessential competition level yo-yo!

The Qilin will give you that high end performance you’re looking for without making your wallet fear for it’s life. It has a nice soft v-shape profile that fits comfortably in the hand and moves quickly through the air. The weight distribution is set up to be relatively rim heavy with some center weight as well to give the Qilin an amazing stability and spin time without sacrificing any maneuverability.

rebellion qilin rebellion qilin



rebellion start the riot

Start the Riot is constructed of a 6061 Aluminum body with two sets of steel weight rings. The heavier steel outer rings give this model a powerful spin while the central weight rings gives the play an element of softness on the string. The dual weight ring design is a tough one to get right, but Rebellion hit this one out of the park!

Start the Riot plays fast, light, and as stable as they come. This yo-yo has the perfect feel for chilling at home and learning new tricks or performing on stage against the toughest competition. Pick up the latest Rebellion yo-yo and Start the Riot!

rebellion start the riot


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