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New YOYOFFICER! Vector, Rave, & Kilter 2!

YoYoExpert August 22, 2016 0


yoyofficer vector

YOYOFFICER loves to play around with new and different shapes when creating the wide variety of yo-yos in their lineup. We’re always excited to see what they do next, and as they near the end of the alphabet the designs are getting better and better! This is the Vector!

yoyofficer vector yoyofficer vector

yoyofficer vector yoyofficer vector yoyofficer vector yoyofficer vector yoyofficer vector

The Vector takes on a subtle curved h-shape profile that was inspired by the Orbis, but made wider and more robust. This shape makes the yo-yo quite universal, offering an ample catch zone for riskier tricks and a really comfortable feel in the hand.

The stepped cup gives the Vector more center weight which provides excellent maneuverability for a wider yo-yo. It plays surprisingly nimble and fast on the string with great stability and a strong spin.

yoyofficer vector

The new smooth matte surface YOYOFFICER used on the Vector is absolutely perfect for grinds and gives it a really high end look in a wide variety of colors!



yoyofficer rave

The new YOYOFFICER Rave was designed 100% from scratch, you won’t find any elements from other yo-yos here. They wanted to create their first bi-metal as a completely original design to take full advantage of the materials, and they hit this one out of the park!

The Rave is exactly what we are looking for in a bi-metal yo-yo. The dense stainless steel rims provide a huge amount of rim weight while the 6061 aluminum body keeps the overall weight of the yo-yo relatively low. This bi-metal weight distribution gives an insanely powerful feel on the throw matched with crazy spin time and stability. And the Rave doesn’t stop there, it moves extremely fast and is super maneuverable which came as a surprise after seeing and feeling the comfortable organic shape.

yoyofficer rave yoyofficer rave

yoyofficer rave yoyofficer rave yoyofficer rave

If you haven’t bought into the new bi-metal trend, this is the time! The new YOYOFFICER Rave is definitely something to Rave about!



yoyofficer kilter 2

YOYOFFICER didn’t want to change too much when designing the new Kilter 2. They started with the base shape of the original Kilter and made a few important tweaks to take performance to the next level.

They changed up the weight distribution of the Kilter 2. YOYOFFICER gave the Kilter 2 bulkier rims to improve stability and managed to shave off some weight in the process to keep the Kilter 2 fast and maneuverable. An extra step near the gap was added to change up the profile and create a more H-shaped design. YOYOFFICER also reshaped the cup design with a more curved step from the hub and a new smaller engraving which greatly improves finger spin capabilities of the Kilter 2.

yoyofficer kilter 2 yoyofficer kilter 2

This redesigned Kilter 2 really kicks performance up a notch and is sure to be another favorite in the YOYOFFICER lineup. Perfect for anyone looking for their first metal yo-yo or anyone just looking to get their hands on a high performance yo-yo without breaking the bank.


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