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New YOYOFFICER Hatchet+ & Zealot!

YoYoExpert December 20, 2017 0


yoyofficer zealot

It’s been five years since YOYOFFICER stepped into the yo-yo world and started pumping out killer designs, one alphabet letter after the next. Now they’ve made it to the end of the series – Z – and they’re ending with a bang! This is the Zealot!

yoyofficer zealot yoyofficer zealot

The Zealot’s inner cup has a unique “raised-up” double-rim type design, which the team at YOYOFFICER has always wanted to use on a yo-yo, but has never done before. They paired this double rim design with a classic organic profile and flat hub that gives it a really clean look and a great feel in the hand and in play.

yoyofficer zealot

YOYOFFICER says they were purely chasing design with their latest model, they say the Zealot does not care about spinning time nor performance, and they also say it is their most favorite design do date. We’re finding it hard to disagree, after a few throws this is quickly becoming one of our favorite new designs!



yoyofficer hatchet plus

The original Hatchet was the first YOYOFFICER model build with contest level play in mind. Many players have asked for a new batch of Hatchet and YOYOFFICER decided to breathe some new life into one of their favorites – this is the new Bi-Metal Hatchet+!

yoyofficer hatchet plus yoyofficer hatchet plus

The Hatchet+ has a similar shape to the original and improves on the already fantastic performance with the additional steel rings. It has a low overall weight and improved weight distribution for greater stability, spin time, and speed. It has an aggressive yet easily controllable feel in play that is perfect for long combos and off plane contest level play.

yoyofficer hatchet plus

Many things are different in the new Hatchet+, but one thing remains the same – The Price! This affordable new bi-metal design has everything you’re looking for in a new high performance throw!


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