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New YoYoFactory – Splash AL Dreams & Death Nightmare Restock!

YoYoExpert May 3, 2016 0


yoyofactory aluminum dream

When YoYoFactory set out to create their new Titanium yo-yo, the Dream, earlier this year they had no idea how wildly successful it would be. And to reward everyone who made their Titanium Dream possible, they created an aluminum version of the same yo-yo. This is the Aluminum Dream!

yoyofactory aluminum dream yoyofactory aluminum dream yoyofactory aluminum dream

Just like the Titanium Dream, the Aluminum Dream takes full advantage of the properties of the material used to construct it. They kept the profile shape as close to the Titanium version as possible and redistributed the weight to take advantage of the full aluminum construction.

With the straight V-shape profile and rim heavy weight distribution, the Aluminum Dream is a serious competition geared yo-yo. It plays super fast with a really powerful spin even through tight tech or horizontal play. The weight distribution gives you an impressively stable spin that is easy in play and a spin time won’t die out through longer combos.

yoyofactory aluminum dream



Death Colorway!
yoyofactory nightmare

Rim weight = Power. That’s the basic theory behind all bi-metal yo-yo designs, but you can’t just slap some steel rings on the sides of a yo-yo and come up with a winner. It takes experience and a lot of refining to get it right, and YoYoFactory got it right!

The YoyoFactory Nightmare is one of the first bi-metal designs with a overhanging steel rim, they didn’t just slap a steel ring on the yo-yo, they wrapped it over the edge and down to create maximum spin stability and capture more rotational energy. This steel rim placement gives the Nightmare a really beautiful weight distribution and an amazingly fast and stable feel in play. It allows this light weight yo-yo to perform with the power of a much heavier yo-yo and creates the ability for the player to move faster through trick segments!

yoyofactory nightmare yoyofactory nightmare



yoyofactory superstar bi-metal

The YoYoFactory Superstar has always been a benchmark of yo-yo performance. The new Superstar Bi-Metal continues this legacy with an exciting new design change. A precisely machined aluminum body is fitted with two stainless steel weight rings. Rim weight is balanced in such a way that the spin is amazingly stable and the yo-yo incredibly floaty on the string. It completely embodies the spirit of the original and holds true to the Superstar name bringing the highest level of performance to the players!

The Superstar Bi-Metal is the perfect yo-yo for anyone looking for that little extra edge. Throw the new Superstar Bi-Metal and we think you’ll agree that it holds a level of performance truly worthy of the Superstar name!

yoyofactory superstar bi-metal yoyofactory superstar bi-metal


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