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New YoYoExpert Edition YoYoJam CLASSIC!

YoYoExpert December 28, 2015 0


yoyojam classic yoyojam classic

A beginner’s yo-yo seems like a simple thing to design but the Classic is a huge achievement. The shape is large and comfortable yet angular and rim weighted. For a solid plastic yo-yo, the Classic has more rim weight than most and thanks to the secondary plastic cap the yo-yo has a solid weighted spin and incredible feel on the string. All of these are extremely important in getting long stable spin time when first starting out!

Pre-installed in the Classic is a narrow bearing and rubber o-rings geared completely towards responsive play. With a small tug the yo-yo easily snaps back to your hand yet spins with ease for a beginner’s first throw. This makes learning a snap and really changes everything for people wanting to master tricks fast! Ready to learn intermediate or advanced tricks? Pick up an upgrade Speed Bearing along with YoYoJam Silicone O-Rings (sold separately) and you will have a completely unresponsive yo-yo ready for all the advanced tricks you can throw at it!

yoyojam classic


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