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NEW VIDEO – Zammy presents: Redefinition – @ZammyIckler @OneDropDesign

YoYoExpert September 19, 2012 0

Zammy presents: Redefinition.
Onedrop. Code2. September 2012.

Noun 1. redefinition – the act of giving a new definition

Redefinition is about the idea that you can take something that had very little thought, attention and care and bring it to light. This is what I have done with the style known as Moebius. Many people out there seem to think I created it, when it fact when you want to get technical..I merely re-invented it.

I haven’t been able to do the style since the last video last year in October, and before that was just one year. But the flame has been reignited again to show you what can be done and to push the absolute limit of the style. I’m focusing all my attention for the rest of the year on this.

This video features new tricks, converted 1a tricks into Moeb, flytraps, no-handed, infinitums..its all there.

Thanks Doctor Popular and Alex Berenguel


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