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NEW VIDEO – No-Hands by Zammy – @ZammyIckler @OneDropDesign

YoYoExpert October 17, 2012 1

First off – huge shout out and CONGRATS to Zammy (Daniel Ickler) for being awarded the 2012 Trick Innovator of the Year at the National Yo-Yo contest. His tricks are really something else.

And now Zammy presents: No-hands.

Note from Zammy:

This is a video of 3 years worth of No-handed Moebius trick material all put into one compilation video. I had this idea to make this video about two years ago since I did compilation Flytrap videos 1 and 2.

Its 2012 now, its time for people to open their eyes and realize this style is real and its alive. You do not need a counterweight in order to “Let go” of the string to make the yoyo fly.

Its all risk and all reward. or its crash and burn, baby.


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  1. Yoyojam Yoyo October 18, 2012 at 2:55 am -

    This should be the next new style of play 6A

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