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New Video Featuring World Champ John Ando

YoYoExpert March 14, 2010 Comments Off on New Video Featuring World Champ John Ando

John Ando of Team YoYoFactory is without a doubt one of the most innovative players in yo-yoing pushing the boundaries on what is possible every time he gets on stage.  John created a revolution in the way people play on stage after his 2008 World winning routine and it looks like he is geared to do it again. Featuring his original trick “Circular Eli Hops”.  You have to see it to believe it (and will probably want to watch it twice!)  Note he is using his signature plastic yo-yo the ProtoStar!

sorakujira YouTube Account:

John Ando’s first video.
Just a teaser for whats to come.
Featuring my original trick “circular elihops”.
Special thanks to Shinji Saito, Takumi Nagase, Spingear (Taka), Tomiyuki Watanabe and Ryuya Kaneko.

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