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New Turning Point AWOKEN ANUBIS & Restock!

YoYoExpert May 10, 2016 0


turning point anubis

Whenever Turning Point comes out with a new yo-yo we get excited, and whenever they come out with a new bi-metal yo-yo, that’s when you need to get excited too! This is the new bi-metal ANUBIS!

Modeled after the Basilisk, the Anubis has a super comfortable feel in the hand and a smooth feel on the string. It is a full sized yo-yo that may even be considered on the verge of oversized, but it plays as nimble and maneuverable as your favorite pocket yo-yo. The large steel rings give the Anubis all the stability and spin time you expect in a high end bi-metal design and the unique Turning Point weight distribution maintains a fast and light feeling on the string. This yo-yo really takes advantage of the bi-metal construction to optimize performance!

turning point anubis turning point anubis


The new Awoken edition Anubis was created by Kentaro to serve as his own personal signature model. He designed it around 2 grams heavier to give it a more powerful spin and solid feel on the string.

turning point anubis turning point anubis

This is one to look out for on the contest scene. Quickly becoming a favorite among Kentaro Kimura and the players on the Turning Point team, the Anubis is sure to be a crowd favorite!

turning point anubis



turning point shake

The Shake is an all around incredible yo-yo, you can just feel it from the first throw. It is amazingly stable, super maneuverable, and crafted to fit Takeshi’s style it can handle anything! And did you look at the price? I know what you’re thinking – no, we didn’t forget the 1 in front of it!

turning point shake turning point shake turning point shake



turning point 2

The Turning Point 2 is modeled after the original yo-yo released in 2008 (before Turning Point was even an established company) and refined to meet the level of play expected by the modern players today.

The undersized diameter and an extra wide width of the new Turning Point 2 are matched with the proven Turning Point style and performance. This unique combination, along with a nice rim weighted weight distribution, provides the Turning Point 2 with a really fast, maneuverable feel that doesn’t lose one bit of that stable and long spinning Turning Point performance you’re looking for.

turning point 2 turning point 2 turning point 2


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