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New Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper 7068 & Pakfa!

YoYoExpert November 7, 2017 0

Leo Sniper MK2 7068:

sturm panzer leo sniper yoyo

The best-selling model in the Sturm Panzer lineup just got a little bit better! This is the Leo Sniper MK-2 7068!

sturm panzer leo sniper yoyo sturm panzer leo sniper yoyo

The original Leo Sniper series utilized 7075 Aluminum for the body of the yo-yo, but this new model uses 7068 Aluminum for greater strength, durability and weight distribution. Sturm Panzer was able to tweak the shape of the body, reduce the thickness of the walls, and keep the overall weight just under 60g for an ultra lightweight high performance throw!

sturm panzer leo sniper yoyo

The Leo Sniper MK-2 7068 is as lightweight as they come, but thanks to the heavy brass weight rings and D-size bearing it packs all the power you have come to expect from Sturm Panzer yo-yos. It has a stable feel in play with a powerful spin, but its speed and maneuverability are what really makes the new Leo Sniper shine. Thanks to the lightweight build, this yo-yo moves fast and can change direction with ease, unlike anything you have thrown!



sturm panzer pakfa yoyo

Sturm Panzer wanted to make a yo-yo that would thrive where more undersized yo-yos fail, and the Pakfa does exactly that! If you threw this yo-yo blindfolded you would swear it was full sized, maybe even oversized!

sturm panzer pakfa yoyo sturm panzer pakfa yoyo

The steel rims on the Pakfa weigh in heavier than the 7075 aluminum body. The broader rim design helps distribute the weight more evenly and gives the Pakfa the superior stability and spin time that you feel right from the first throw. The smaller size makes it easily maneuverable, yet it still plays fast with a powerful spin and solid feel on the string.

The Pakfa is one of the few undersized designs that we wouldn’t be surprised to see in a competitive setting!


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