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New Sengoku Elemental Series – The COLDFIRE!

YoYoExpert April 27, 2017 0

sengoku yoyos coldfire

ELEMENTAL is a new Sengoku project. This series of yo-yos is based on the tale “War of the Elements” – A fictional story created by Julio Robles using Japanese lore. This is the first in the Elemental Series – The COLDFIRE!

sengoku yoyos coldfire sengoku yoyos coldfire

As the story goes; Shuten-Doji was a powerful Demon lord that decided to rule the Human realm. Humans fought fiercely, but their weapons were powerless against the demon. Tagu-Tsuchi, the god of fire, along with Toryu, the Ice Dragon, felt compassion for the Humans, but were unable to directly interfere without risking war with the Demons. As Maters of the Elements, they decided to make a weapon capable of destroying Shouten-Doji. They merged Ice and Fire to create the almighty weapon of lore – The COLDFIRE!

sengoku yoyos coldfire

Machined from versatile 7068 Aluminum and designed for pure performance; The ColdFire has a feel in play that might actually convince you it was crafted by the gods! It throws fast and stable with a nimble maneuverable feel in play we can’t get enough of!

Releases 4/28 @ 8PM EST!


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