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New Release! The Vosun TiPOWER!

YoYoExpert February 16, 2018 0

vosun tipower

Vosun has been coming out with some really great yo-yos at incredible prices and their latest release is no exception! This is the TiPOWER!

The TiPower is an aluminum body yo-yo with outer fitted Titanium rings. It’s an unusual combination of materials, but Vosun absolutely nailed this design! The TiPower has a fast light feel that we cant get enough of and a really powerful spin that lives up to the TiPower name.

vosun tipower vosun tipower

Titanium is lighter and stronger than Aluminum, which gives you a unique weight distribution as well as an extra durable yo-yo. The light overall weight pushes the TiPower fast enough for your quickest speed combo and the lighter titanium rings give it a beautifully maneuverable feel which makes it great for intricate tech tricks.

vosun tipower

Available at an amazing price, the TiPower is the perfect throw for anyone looking to get a little taste of the power of Titanium!


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