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New Release! RECESS Joy Ride & Weekend!

YoYoExpert October 9, 2015 0

Recess is a brand new company founded by World Champion, National Champion, and general yo-yo legend – Tyler Severance! He quickly assembled an amazing team of talented players and they’re doing a great job bringing that fun and exciting recess feeling back into the yo-yo world!


recess joy ride

The Joy Ride is a full sized yo-yo with a nice organic h-shape profile that really is a joy to throw! They drew inspiration for this design from 70’s American muscle cars; Their durability, craftsmanship, and even small details like the smooth curves and unique colors all inspired the final look of this yo-yo. The Joy Ride is one of those yo-yos that feels just as comfortable on the competitive stage as it does creating tricks and hanging out with friends.

recess joy ride recess joy ride

The Joy Ride has a comfortable feel in the hand, an agile feel on the string, and a speed that can move as fast as your hands are willing! Finished with a cool retro engraving, a grind friendly finish, and a unique inner cup for you fingerspin fans!

recess joy ride

Break from your daily routine and take a Joy Ride!



recess weekend

The bi-metal design of the Weekend gives you everything you’re looking for in your next high performance yo-yo. With denser stainless steel rims and a 6061 aluminum body, the weight is distributed exactly where it’s needed to provide a long spin time and excellent stability. It feels fast and light on the string and is super easy to control even in horizontal play!

recess weekend recess weekend

The Weekend has a similar fingerspin friendly cup design as the Joy Ride with a nice blasted finish on the body, perfect for grinds! And outfitted with a Center Trac Bearing and Kitty String, the Weekend is ready to go right out of the box!

recess weekend

Bring the fun of the weekend to every day of the week with the Recess Weekend!


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