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New King Yo Star PAX!

YoYoExpert April 7, 2016 0

king yo star pax

King Yo Star designed this yo-yo to satisfy the desire for a throw that offers a really relaxed experience. With its large organic shape, the Pax is a yo-yo that you can just pick up, chill out, and enjoy throwing.

king yo star pax king yo star pax

When the team at King Yo Star got the first prototype they took one look at it and said ‘this wasn’t what I wanted’ – But after throwing it, they realized it was more than they ever expected! The Pax is super comfortable in the hand and feels nice and light on the string. It’s a large, powerful, and smooth as butter yo-yo that just makes you want to hang out and throw!

king yo star pax king yo star pax king yo star pax

One of the kids in the Vancouver Yoyo club tried it and said “This yo-yo has a really chill feel – you should call it Pax, which is Latin for peace!.” The name stuck, and the rest is history!

king yo star pax

Releasing April 9th @ 10AM EST!


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