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New from Rebellion – INVADERS MUST DIE!

YoYoExpert May 11, 2016 0


rebellion invaders must die

This is the second bi-metal design from Yoyorecreation’s Rebellion line – Invaders Must Die! From Start the Riot to Invaders Must Die, the Rebellion names are getting a little strange, but if the yo-yos keep playing this good we say keep em coming!

rebellion invaders must die rebellion invaders must die

The Invaders Must Die is a high performance v-shaped yo-yo that features some nice stepped up stainless steel rings designed to pack a lot of weight right where it’s needed on the very edge of the rims. They give this light weight yo-yo a crazy powerful spin and long spin time that you would expect from a much heftier model.

rebellion invaders must die

Everything you’re looking for in a new bi-metal design, the new Rebellion Invaders Must Die is fast, maneuverable, and has enough spin time to power through your longest combos twice!


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