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New Catchy Kendama Clip & Catchy Air Colors!

YoYoExpert July 9, 2015 0

catchy kendama clip

Catchy is new and innovative kendama brand with some cool products. From their Air Kendama to their Light-Up Kendama they are always looking for innovative ways to make kendama fun and different, and now they have a cool new way to help you carry your kendama! The Catchy Kendama Clip!.

catchy kendama clip catchy kendama clip catchy kendama clip

This kendama clip has a super convenient and easy to use design that allows you to keep your favorite kendama at your side wherever you go. Made with a solid yet flexible plastic, the Catchy Kendama Clip is extremely durable, easy to use, and best of all – Affordable! And unlike those expensive leather holders out there, the Catchy Kendama Clip “clip in/clip out” system is easily and quickly operated with just one hand!

catchy kendama clip catchy kendama clip

The Catchy Kendama Clip easily holds most standard sized kendamas, just clip in when you head out the door and clip out when you’re ready to jam!

catchy kendama clip


New Catchy AIR Colors:

Black & Green, Purple & White, and Gray & Pink:
catchy air kendama catchy air kendama catchy air kendama


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