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New 4A Yo-Yo from KC Agent! The CORE!

YoYoExpert May 5, 2017 0

kc agent core

After their first successful 1A yo-yo, Tantalizing, KC Agent wanted to try their hand at designing a 4A yo-yo. It took them over a year and several prototypes, but the finally got it just right. The CORE!

kc agent core kc agent core

The Core has a really cool interchangeable hub design that locks in place to provide the highest precision assembly possible. It will not slip or loosen in play, and if the yo-yo cracks you can replace the delrin shells and preserve the central Core of the yo-yo.

kc agent core

The profile of the Core is set nice and wide to give you extra stability and a huge catch zone for risky tricks. It has a stepped organic shape that offers a comfortable feel in the hand and a competitive feel on the string. The mid rim weight distribution gives the Core easy maneuverability and a super powerful spin that you’ll need for those long combos and impressive soloham tricks!

kc agent core

The Core also comes with 3 different sets of spacers that allow you to customize the gap width to your personal preferences!


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