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MonkeyFinger Presents the TOP 3 ‘Super-Portable’ Yo-Yo Bag! @MonkeyFingerYO

YoYoExpert September 15, 2012 0

Let’s face it. We all have those TOP 3 yo-yos that you want to have everywhere you go. They are your ‘go-to’ throws and you need to keep them close yet protected. Well those crazy guys at MonkeyFinger have something JUST for YOU!

MonkeyFinger Top3

Introducing the MonkeyFinger TOP 3 ‘Super Portable’ Yo-Yo Bag! This thing is made to grab your three yo-yos quick with ample room for strings and other small yo-yo items!

The bag opens up and rolls apart featuring three ‘banded’ areas to securely hold your yo-yo and carry in another bag protected or just to clip and go.

MonkeyFinger TOP3

MonkeyFinger also included FREE samples of their very popular Monkey SNOT (Flowable Silicone) and , Yo-Yo Polishing BUFF, and Krazy Klown Yo-Yo String.

Available in three totally funky styles of cloth – the DONUTS, Rainbow Squares, or Fire Dragon. Bring your TOP 3 with you everywhere!

AND the first FIVE people to purchase a MonkeyFinger TOP3 BAG get a FREE MonkeyFinger T-Shirt! We will get in touch with you after placing your order if you are one of the lucky FIVE!



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