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MFD Restock! Prime8, Tri-B, & Caesar!

YoYoExpert July 17, 2017 0


monkeyfinger prime8 monkeyfinger prime8

The Prime8 was designed as a yo-yo to bridge the gap between fun and competition yo-yo play. Tyler worked closely with Ray to give his signature yo-yo some serious performance that still inspires that fun and lighthearted feeling in play!

monkeyfinger prime8

The Prime8 utilizes a comfortable H/O-shape hybrid design that makes it is both stable and fast with a super comfortable feeling in the hand. The beefy rims supply enough spin time for your longest combos and the overall weight keeps it fast and smooth in play. It has a really pleasant laid back presence, but you can feel it ready to shred when you crank up the speed!



monkeyfinger caesar monkeyfinger caesar

Chris Allen, aka Dr. YoYo, has a big role in helping run the show at MonkeyfingeR. He helps keep everything on track and everyone on task, and with the guys at MonkeyfingeR this is no easy task! So when Chris decided he wanted to design the next MonkeyfingeR yo-yo, they were more than happy to let him take the reigns! This is the all new Caesar!

The main idea behind this yo-yo was to create something that is aggressive, fast, versatile, and capable of a 3 minute stage performance without any gimmicks.

monkeyfinger caesar

This yo-yo is a serious competitor that will take on anything you can throw at it. The curved h-shape profile gives it a huge catch zone for those tricky slack maneuvers and the rim-heavy weight distribution keeps the spin going through long combos and horizontals! And just look at it! This yo-yo is beautiful! MonkeyfingeR is on a level of their own when it comes to anodization and their talent really shines through with all the crazy new color ways they created for the Caesar.



monkeyfinger tri-b monkeyfinger tri-b

The TRI-B (Pronounced Tribe) is the mutant evolution of three of the most popular yo-yos in the MonkeyfingeR lineup. They combined the best features from the Caesar, Ape-X, and Gelada 2 to create this amazing new creation! And the best part? The TRI-B is a true team built yo-yo. Each and every team member had input into everything from the design elements to the color combinations and string layout!

monkeyfinger tri-b

A team built yo-yo is a rare thing and is sure to be a serious crowd favorite, let’s face it, the best way to give yo-yo players what they want is to give them a yo-yo that was designed by other yo-yo players! The TRI-B is fast, maneuverable, long spinning, and it just has an amazing feel that you have to throw to believe!


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