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METAL SKYVA Releases 6/29 @ 10AM EST!

YoYoExpert June 28, 2017 0

magic yoyo skyva

If you haven’t heard of the Skyva, then you should probably pay more attention. The fingerspin focused Jeffrey Pang and Magicyoyo collaboration was a huge success over the past year, so huge that they decided to step it up to the next level! This is the Metal SKYVA!

magic yoyo skyva magic yoyo skyva

“I think I get a message every week asking for a metal version of the Skyva. So here it is. Finally.” -Jeffrey Pang

To all of you fans out there who persistently pestered Jeff to design a Metal Skyva – We thank you! The Metal Skyva is everything we hoped it would be and then some!

This yo-yo is built with an aluminum body that allows for more precise weight distribution resulting in greater stability, greater spin power, and all around greater performance. The hollow body build reduces center weight and the machined delrin fingerspin caps keep overall weight down while providing some of the most silky smooth fingerspins we have ever experienced!

magic yoyo skyva

The Metal Skyva plays fast, light, and has an amazing feel that will keep you throwing whether you’re practicing the next WYYC fingerspin banger or just starting your unresponsive yo-yo journey!


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