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Limited Edition World Yo-Yo Contest Yo-Yo From Turning Point!

YoYoExpert October 1, 2014 0

bu2r wyyc14 turning point yoyo

Introducing the limited edition – Official 2014 World Yo-Yo Contest Yo-Yo – The BU2R by Turning Point! This signature yo-yo was created by Japanese Champion Kentaro Kimura especially for the World Yo-Yo Contest. Kentaro is one yo-yo manufacturer who consistently says NO to cheap mass production – His focus on precision work with high end materials in yoyos is among the best in the world, and it really shines through in this beautiful new yo-yo!

In collaboration with Budweiser Urban Projects (BU2R) Turning Point created a limited run, only one hundred pieces, of this shiny red beauty. Each BU2R Worlds Edition Yo-Yo has 62 small precision-cut Preciosa Crystals embedded in the outer rim and one larger Preciosa Crystal embedded in the hub. When this yo-yo catches the light it just looks stunning! If you’re looking for a yo-yo that will really catch someones eye and shine on stage then you won’t find anything better than this shimmering crystal encrusted gem!

wyyc14 bu2r turning point yoyo wyyc14 bu2r turning point yoyo wyyc14 bu2r turning point yoyo

The BU2R WYYC Yo-Yo comes in really unique and cool packaging too! It comes inserted directly in an amazing yo-yo book. The book, Yoyeur, is filled with fantastic pictures of yo-yos and the players who throw them, along with information on each of them mapping the Czech yo-yo scene for the last 10 years! It really gives you a feel for the international yo-yo scene and is a great book to introduce to non yo-yo players as well.

wyyc14 bu2r turning point yoyo wyyc14 bu2r turning point yoyo

These Turning Point BU2R WYYC14 Yo-Yos were sold at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague and due to the limited production this will be your last chance to pick up a piece of 2014 yo-yo history!


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