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Innovation Movement – Goofballing

YoYoExpert May 8, 2012 0

First if you have not subscribed to the Innovation Movement channel on YouTube do that now. They are releasing some really awesome videos!

Inn movement

The Innovation Movement is more then just a blog, it’s a place to show the new generation of yo-yoers that there are original, innovative, and artistic aspects to yo-yoing. We made this blog to show you that there is something other than just goofy cold fusion and kwijibo variations. Just imagine if every new player invented a completely new concept, and posted it on the internet and showed it to all of their friends. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Instead, today’s yo-yoing just consists of people trying to design tricks to score well in contests, not just a nice smooth combo that could score just as high, if it is hit cleanly.

This channel will consist of our own content, and some featured player’s tricks as well.

Newest video here showcasing Zach Gormley and the NEW Arctic Circle yo-yo coming soon from CLYW! AWESOME.


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